Guests can enjoy kayaks, a paddle boat, temperature controlled pool, relaxing hammocks or simply soak in the warm water of the bay.


Six single seat kayaks for guests 18 yrs and older. Explore the shoreline habitat of our local fish and bird population -–very interesting and diverse. Who knows, maybe you will encounter a curious manatee or spot wild dolphins.


Operating 9:30 am to sunset daily. Ease into one of many chase lounges in the pool area, or cool off in the refreshing water. Complimentary beach towels provided.


Listen to the breeze playing with the leaves and palm fronds with your eyes closed. See the sun rays shimmer through the canopy of the trees, casting shadows all around and feel the gentle sway of a hammock while you dose off.

Paddle boat

Take our four seat paddle boat for a short trip – What a wonderful way to entertain the children and have great family time together. Couples can take a romantic ride along the shoreline to experience peace and quiet while enjoying the water.


Create lasting memories of being together with your family or friends while sharing a meal cooked on a grill in the garden. Soft lighting is provided for evening meals.

Keys Wildlife and Plant life

Depending on the time of the year, watch the migratory birds that pass through and stay for a while to rest and feed on their long journey. Or, just enjoy our many tropical birds that frequent our beach year round.  There are different types of native geckos, along with the non-native curly tails and iguanas to watch and take pictures of.

Also for your enjoyment, wander through our property and see the many form of plant life. There are all types of fruit and nut trees that grow in the Florida Keys along with exotic and native trees.