Room Features

There is 150ft distance from Accessible parking space to the Accessible room that is connected by concrete Accessible route. Approach to the room has Accessible Ramp.

Outside of the room
Between ramp and main entry door is a Turning space to open door equipped with door closer. Main Entry door is equipped with two wide-angle peepholes at accessible two height levels.  Doorbell button is at an accessible height located on the right-hand side of the door frame along with a Tactile sign indicating the accessible room.

Inside the room
Non-slippery tiles on floor; one queen size bed with Turning space on each side of the bed. On the right hand side of the bed is located phone with volume control and visible notification indicator on the phone for incoming calls. There is an electrical outlet located within 48 inches of the phone to facilitate the use of a TTY. (Height and accessibility of these features are with accordance with the ).

Doorbell alarm
Activation of the doorbell button initiates an audible tone and visible signal within room (located in sleeping area and has controls to deactivate the signal).

Fire Alarm System
Room has permanently installed audible and visible fire alarm complying with NFPA 72.

Room Amenities
Dining table (wheel chair accessible – Knee and Toe Clearance secured); Window treatment accessible (consists of – extensions Accessible handles complying with Operable parts under to close the curtains).  Full size refrigerator with Clear space and Position access in a fully equipped kitchen with the gas stove (operation buttons for the stove are in the front in accessible height and Position access; cabinets accessible, counter with single sink accessible (- with Knee and Toe Clearance, under the sink plumbing is wrapped in protective sleeves insulated); handles, grab and pull knobs -meets specification for height location, shape and use according

In room doorless Closet with the close hangers positioned in Accessible level.

In room accessible bathroom accessible with wide open swing bathroom door with Turning space.

Accessible bathroom

  • Have two mirrors. One mirror located above sink with the bottom edge of the reflecting surface 40 inches above finish floor. The second mirror is a single full-length mirror with the top edge of mirror above 74 inches from the floor. On either side of the single full-length mirror hooks within the reach limits set by for standing persons or wheelchair users.
  • Wheel chair accessible toilet with clearance around a water closet complying with  Grab bars for the water closet is provided on the side wall and on the rear wall with the specification set by Hand operated flush control of the water closet is located on the open side of the water closet. Toilet paper dispenser with continuous paper flow is located on the side wall of the water closet and meets the criteria of
  • Sink has clear floor space positioned for forward approach and knee and toe clearance along with under the sink plumbing wrapped in protective sleeves insulated.  Sink’s manually operated Faucet meets requirements of the Operable parts to be operable with one hand does not require tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist.
  • Standard Roll-In Type Shower Compartment with seat equipped with grab bars along the side wall and on the wall across the seat; the controls, faucet, and shower spray unit is located on the back wall opposite the seat. A shower spray unit with a hose over 59 inches long can be used both as a fixed-position shower head and as a hand-held shower. The shower spray unit has an on/off control with a non-positive shut-off. Hand-held shower spray unit is capable of delivering water pressure substantially equivalent to fixed shower heads.

Room has view of the pool. From the room is an accessible route to the pool area. Pool is equipped with Pool lift – seat with back, one arm rest, seat belt and leg support.

Accessible Route
There is 150ft distance from Accessible parking space to the Accessible room that is connected by concrete Accessible route. Approach to the room has Accessible Ramp. There is another concrete Accessible route path to the pool. Accessible routes are level, properly sloped, sufficiently wide and without cracks, holes and other hazards that can pose a danger of tipping, catching wheels or falling.  These Accessible route paths are free of obstructions.